pron: (Wish-yous)
Noun: When someone obsesses so hard about something unobtainable that they wish for, they end up compromising their sanity.
Justin: What's with her? She's gone nutty.

Chris: She wants Dan so bad, but can't have him.

It's given her wissues.
by MBlur January 29, 2012
Top Definition
Short for "woman's issue"
I told my wife I was having a buddy over for beers and the game and she had a wissue and completely flipped out because she thought the house wasn't clean.
by TRex August 20, 2004
Contraction of "Wish" and "Issue" - Undocumented issue
Bob's problem with the software will remain a "wissue" until he documents it in the "issue log".
by MrWoolf August 10, 2011
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