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1. The ability to get valuable information and tuition from youtube videos.

2. (Derogatory) Thinking you have a valid education because you've watched some youtube videos.
1. I learned how to play that song from free online lessons at Youtubeversity.

2. Pay no attention to Rob's political rants. He got his P.H.D. in Political Science at Youtubeversity.
by MBlur December 18, 2011
pron: (Wish-yous)
Noun: When someone obsesses so hard about something unobtainable that they wish for, they end up compromising their sanity.
Justin: What's with her? She's gone nutty.

Chris: She wants Dan so bad, but can't have him.

It's given her wissues.
by MBlur January 29, 2012

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