One of the coolest states around. Located in the upper midwest north of Illinois, east of MN and IA and west and south of Michigan.

In Wisconsin you'll find everything from city life in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Madison and Green Bay.

Milwaukee is a diverse city famous for its festivals such as Summerfest, Germanfest, Pridefest, Festa Italiana and more. Milwaukee is also known for its beer, the Milwaukee Brewers, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis.

Racine (just south of Milwaukee) is home to SC Johnson Wax, lots of shopping and recreation and the beautiful Wind Point area.

Kenosha is home to outlet shopping, electric street cars (a must see for any rail fans), fun yet free lakeshore events and a beautiful lakeshore.

Madison is the capital city. It's also a very well known party city and a great place to shop (State street)

Green Bay is best known for one of the most known football teams in the NFL, the Green Bay Packers.

Other smaller cities in Wisconsin include Wausau (great skiing can be found here at Rib Mountain), La Crosse, Eau Claire, Sheboygan, Oshkosh, and Fond Du Lac.

Wisconsin is nicknamed "America's Dairyland" Much of Wisconsin consists of farming in particular dairy farming. A large amount of America's cheese is produced here. Most counties in Wisconsin have a yearly event called a "Dairy Breakfast" where a dairy farm hosts a breakfast with food, milk/dairy and other fun stuff.

The Baraboo/Dells area is a popular tourest attraction for people from all over. It includes many cool attractions and beautiful sights.

Wisconsin is home to a large amount of German and Polish people which makes Polka music a Wisconsin favorite. More polka can be found on the radio and in other places in Wisconsin then anywhere else in the county.

Hunting is a popular recreation in Wisconsin. People will often head "up nort" for the weekend to areas such as the UP Of Michigan, Crivitz, etc for weekend camping and hunting.

In the Milwaukee area, "pop" is called "Soda"

In Wisconsin, water fountains are often called "bubblers"

Wisconsin's sports teams include Green Bay Packers (NFL), Milwaukee Brewers (MLB), Milwaukee Bucks (NBA), Wisconsin Badgers (College)

Bands/Artists from Wisconsin Include: The Bodeans, Violent Femmes, Garbage, Steve Miller, INOJ, Citizen King & more.

Wisconsin is a cool state.
by 1069 May 04, 2006
in the midwest surrounded by lakes michigan and superior, minnesota, iowa, and illinois...but you should already know that unless youre 5 years old or mentally handicapped. sometimes unbearably hot summers, and always frigid cold winters, but i wouldnt have it any other way. you gotta have balls to live in Wisconsin. well all anybody knows, or thinks they know, about that we're beer drinking, cheese headed, dairy crazy, sons-a-bitches. thats actually all pretty true. but who's to say its a bad thing? Im sure most people who put Wisconsin down have never even been here, cause its a great place. if you call it boring, its your fault because you dont know how to have fun. now theres nothing wrong with minnesota (except the vikings) or illinois (except the drivers) or any other i think some folks should stop bashing Wisconsin, grow up a little but, maybe go say something good about your own state.
There's nothing wrong with Wisconsin....nothing at all.
by connman August 08, 2006
State where 95% of adults drink, and 97% of the youth does the same. Also, full of the hottest sluts you'll ever see.
16 Year old Wisconsin Girl: I heard this rumor theres a drinking age , and you can't drink unless you're 32.
15 year old Wisconsin Boy: No way. Lets get wasted and fuck.
16 Year old Wisconsin Girl: Ok.
by Stacy Carlton January 02, 2006
1. Better than California.
2. Greatest state ever.
3. America's real dairyland (don't listen to those fraud Californian motherfuckers).
4. All 4 seasons.
5. Home of Brett Favre and the Packers
6. Home of the Brewers (they're the Yankees, except they don't buy titles!)
7. Sadly, home of the Bucks.
Wisconsin rocks. Underrated. Fuck you Michigan.
by Detroitsucks May 14, 2007
Many girls in Wisconsin wear thongs that are visiable to the eye. Wisconsin is a great place to have a party or to get laid!
I lost my virginity in Wisconsin.
by Florin Lee February 14, 2005
A state in the Midwest where people definitely know how to have fun. However the only way to do it is either to drink excessively (like 99% of the pop. does) or to spend all night shooting off fireworks at houses. If you ever go to Madison (capitol city) being sober is not an option. it has arguably one of the best party schools in the country. despite the lack of sobriety in Wisconsin, the driving skill far surpasses that of Illinois's. the un-ending rivalry between Wisconsin and Illinois is by far the most hate-driven in the U.S. However the two are terribly similar if you substitute cheese for corn and forests for fields. Also, even though they seem to hate each other, when a Wisconsinite and Illinoisan actually meet they are most likely to become great friends...weird.
Overall Wisconsin is a great place to live if you can take the disgustingly frigid winters and sometimes brutally hot summers.
by BOO999 March 10, 2009
Good beer, everyone makes it at home.
by Bob August 14, 2003

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