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this is when you have too much to drink and approach a woman that is way out of you leauge or you take on a meat heat that can take care of you
Froistad had too much wisconfidence and was once again shut down
by Karsten June 10, 2005
refers to the state of pride felt by a native resident of Wisconsin. Often derived from the fact that they inhabit a state that has a studly approach to all four seasons, celebrates the outdoors, sports, meat and/or killing things and eating them, as well as culture. One with Wisconfidence boasts of the state's several nationally recognized sports teams, two of them pertaining to the state's two most common roadkill, another to the creation of it's favorite beverage, and perhaps the most famous pertaining presumably in some way to cheese. Wisconfidence can always be found in abundance amongst the patrons at one of the state's many robust bars or college parties.
Man, I've always known that Wisconsin's where it's at, but after winning Super Bowl XLV, I've got a serious case of Wisconfidence!
by czanghi March 05, 2011
When someone from a metropolitan city like Los Angeles or New York visits a rural area like Wisconsin, they gain significant confidence in their game. The word was derived from 'Wisconsin confidence'.
Roger has wisconfidence tonight.
Josh - bring your wisconfidence with you.
by Shaun Collett January 09, 2009

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