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A small town up north, usually full of misunderstood children who can often be spotted running on the tops of elementary or middle school buildings. Where deer run loose through roads, dragging their leashes behind and where mosquitoes the size of men, pick up young children and carry them away. Full of very many exciting creatures such as squirrels or chipmunks running into, through, or around trees while often missing the chance to actually climb up them. It is the last place in Winter where a port is located, and possess a very refined section of historic houses. Winterport is usually referred to as “The small town”, or “Village”, but small villages are often known to carry with them the perks of society.
Well, I swear, if you dun stop coming home late, Billy, them Winterport mosquitoes ‘re gonna get’cha.
#winterport #winter #winterphart #port #related words and common misspellings
by Mya Mills July 02, 2008
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