1) A stick that has the magical property of turning anyone touched with it, more awesome. A beating from the winstick will have a much more severe effect than just a casual touch.

Winsticks are rumoured to come from WinTrees, which in turn can be found clumped together in winforests. These forests are said to be full of win.

#winstick is the opposite of FML.

2) A great Burrito.
1) Bridgett just got hit with the winstick, now she has a new car!

2) What was that weapon Donatello used? Oh yeah, a win stick.

3) I'm hungry, want to head to the mission and get some winsticks?
by losercats April 20, 2009
Top Definition
anything that is stick-like and makes you go faster, anything that is stick-like and is also good
"O my god. I got the winsticks. I'm totally gonna win."
by Sam Coyne April 20, 2006
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