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contrary to the use of winky and dink this is not profanity. nor does it refer to body parts of any sort.

winky-dink-a-dinky-doodle is a representation of sounds that one can use to apply to any form of music or song where the lyrics have been forgotten.

or simply when one is singing along to an instrument part.

this phrase is particularly useful in the fine art of home butchered Jazz and Ragtime. Ragtime is probably its oldest living relative.
he'd forgotten the most of the words, so he sang

"oh baby, we're gonna wink this winky-dink- a-dinky-doodle"

(instead of "oh baby wer'e gonna shake this city with power metal!")
#rag time #jazz #pig latin #non-meaning #gibberish
by Eric C. Harrison October 17, 2007
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