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All of the following: Cat, sandals, closet, sex, the internet, marijuana, to steal, the Simpsons.
After I watched winkwink, put on my winkwinks and went on the winkwink to winkwink a winkwink. Later my winkwink-friend came over and we utilized some winkwink and then winkwinked in the winkwink.
by Bo Vanderpants January 02, 2005
A term used by slut faced whores who are trying to steal your man. Often used in a sexual way.
We need to talk Friday night. WINK WINK
by americasnexttopmodel season 97 November 28, 2009
a cute hi to say hello...or another way to break the silence in a chat
wink wink.. how are you?

wink wink... im bored
by ultimatered May 22, 2010