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1) Ker's Winghouse is a restuarant that was said to have copied the likes of Hooters, but in reality is way better than Hooters. The waitresses are attractive young women who wear small tight clothes. Not only is the food at Winghouse superior to Hooters, so are the girls who work there.

2) Home of the famous "Naked Wings"
1) Oh man, we should totally go to Winghouse tonight, get some wings, talk to some girls, and watch the game.

2) I don't eat fried food so im getting some Naked Wings.
by ShawnSTS17 March 04, 2005
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AKA whore house, cheap hooters knockoff with several locations around Florida. Known for slutty waitresses.
Guy 1: Man I need to get some action!
Guy 2: Let's go to Wing House man, the easiest girls in town work there,
by lalala92 June 12, 2010
To receive head in the back of a car while eating hot wings, and your friend drives you around.
Chris was driving Jamie around last weekend while he was getting a wing house in the back the car .
by Paul February 16, 2005

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