Lifting of the shirt to show off breasts, so named due the arm motion being similar to that of the chicken dance. This is often seen during Mardi Gras or in a Girls Gone Wild Video.
Did you see all the wingers in that video.

She must done some major wingers for those beads.
by mxjx May 06, 2009
Top Definition
When you unknowingly hook up with a 17 year old.
I hate house parties, I always end up pulling a winger.
by Sebastian Nebula December 28, 2010
1. One who wings
2. Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard aviator who completes the flight training syllabus, but has yet to receive their wings of gold
3. Total bad-ass
4. 80's hair band
2. "I guess you're a winger this week, now that you're done flying."
4. "Winger is awesome!"
by amt March 12, 2005
Another term for ecstasy, MDMA, E's, etc. The phrase can often refer to at least 20 tablets, or "wingers", often neatly wrapped up in cling film. Also, can possibly be used as a personal name.
"Run down to Lego and get a load of wingers"

"Ye nat on the wingers t'nite then mucker?"

"Them wingers gat me fucking chin bar walloped!!!!"

"Have ya seen Wingers about lately then?"
by Kunstable January 20, 2008
the state of having sauce covered fingers during the consumption of chicken wings
"i can't text right now, i've got wingers"
"dude, i need a napkin for my wingers"
"i have to type with my pinkies cause of my wingers"
by j0nthegreat October 18, 2013
Winger were a very talented late 80's and early 90's Glam Metal band from New York, named after lead singer Kip Winger. They made it big with their 1988 self-titled album, and "In the Heart of the Young" in 1990.

However 3 negative things happened that made them lose popularity in the 90's.
1. Grunge taking over the music industry.
2. Conflicts with the band Metallica and their immature attitudes towards Winger.

3. Criticism on the show "Beavis and Butthead". The geeky kid Stewart can be seen wearing Winger shirts, and thus the band was dubbed as uncool.
Rob: I used to like Metallica, but then I discoved Winger and they have some really unique stuff.

Dan: Yeah I have a couple of that bands albums. Screw Metallica. Winger is 100 times better.
by Metalhead83 September 09, 2011
friend, someone you travel around with, someone you go ashore with.
Me and my winger would like to buy you ladies a drink.
by Stoney Burke June 05, 2005
"Winger" is used as a closing in a letter, and is an abbreviation of "Your Wingman" which implies a pledge of both friendship and fidelity by the sender. Similar to the use of "Huckleberry" in the phrase, "I'll be your Huckleberry".

When used as a goodbye between two people, i.e. when "Winger" is spoken, it is common to gesture by forming a "W" by holding both hands up in front of you at chest level, extending only your thumbs and pinkies, and putting both thumb tips together so that it looks like a "W".

Thanks for the advice!



"Hey Tony, I gotta run, but I'll see you later today at the party. Winger" (while making the W gesture)
by Betatrooper January 31, 2011
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