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Money, Cash, Simoleons

Futurama Reference
Holy Zombie Jesus! That thing costs about a million wing wangs!
by Gary Harry January 13, 2005
Childish slang for penis. (Also used by devout religious types who are afraid to say anything remotely "naughty.")
I've always tried to teach my kids the correct words for things. I've taught them a penis should be a penis, although personally I prefer "wing wang" or schlong." Less threatening. -- Kathie Lee Gifford.
by bobsyeruncle666 January 11, 2011
the male organ by the legs
used to make lovin to a bitch
come here bitch! i got my wing wang ready for you to suck.
by jojoman112 June 16, 2004
A Nick Name for a Penis
He whipped out his wing-wang at work and got fired!
by KatGoddess April 21, 2004
An especially large dick....has not been circumsimed.
His wingwang was certainly something to be proud of.
by JOwanna June 30, 2004
idiot, dumbass, fucktard, dinkleburg etc.
Matt you wing-wang! You scratched my anchor!
by wraith August 30, 2004
The most manly thing anyone can possess. Also used as a comical description of a penis.
I have an itchy wing wang, I hope I haven't cought a nasty dick sickness.
by Jim Blink October 25, 2006
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