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the taste achieved from a chicken wing that has a tangy taste.
mark: man, this chicken wing from my chicken cottage, tooting branch, tastes weird... i do not know what is going on?!
simon: dude, you must have a wing tang...
mark: shieet - tastes good though!
by the markitect January 12, 2012
1. The male or female genatalia.
2. Intercourse
I. Created by Manny Rodriguez when he mistakenly pronounced 'Wu-Tang' incorrectly. Since then, it has been used as the previous definitions and to yell at attractive women.
1. Man, I wouldn't mind getting in her wingtang!
2. You wingtanged that bitch?!
3. Hey! Hey - hot bitch! WINGTANG!
by Manny Rodriguez January 04, 2005
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