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The attractive hot girl who will go out with a good guy friend when he needs to look good at a party or other social event. Not an escort, but a friend.
guy friend:Yo, will you be my wing girl for homeboy's birthday party?
girl friend: Sure, as long as you pay for dinner.
by wen-wen October 04, 2005
Similar to the word wing man, but is a girl. A wing girl is a girl who helps out a guy/girl friend to meet other people of the opposite sex, someone who proves as an ice breaker. By no means like an escort service.
I'd have never had Kim as my girlfriend without my wing girl, Jen.
by The Jewel March 17, 2008
Wing Girls are the women that validate a man to other women. Wing Girls are also women who provide men with a female perspective and help boost their confidence. The best company that has Wing Girls is The Wing Girl Method.
My female friend just gave me great advice on women. She is the best Wing Girl.
by Wing Girl July 21, 2008
Similar to the word "wing man" a "WING GIRL" is a girl who wants laid as much as you do but not by you but will however take part in a menajetwa if the opportunity arises; will openly approach other women to let them know you are single n ready to mingle and bring them to you
Hey samantha will you be my wing girl tonight i need laid?!
by slowmotherfr June 27, 2011
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