An awesome 2.5D futuristic flight combat sim for the SNES. It was renowned for it's cinematic presentation and fun gameplay.
kid with SNES: Fuck homework, I'm gonna play Wing Commander.
by mr_bigmouth_502 December 05, 2006
Top Definition
A man that has achieved certification in all of the 'wing ' categories

white wings
Brown wings
Red wings
yellow wings

A true adventurer in sexual exploration
Jeff gained his 4 wings from his willing girlfriend and thus ascended to the rank of wing commander
by ermo September 08, 2004
someone who got awarded their brownwings.
got your brown wings last nite. you're now a fella wingcommander.
by manu October 16, 2003
A man who leads by example when it comes to women. When approaching a group of women he is the one who does all the talking.broke the ice with this pair of crackers last night, ended up pulling and having a great laugh.
The wing commander
by Smiaras May 06, 2004
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