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An entertaining sexual game. The game starts when a gentleman has sexy time with his lady from behind while she is facing a ground floor window. After swapping with a friend who has been hiding in a wardrobe (without the lady's knowledge), the gentleman then runs round to the outside of the window. He then records her surprise as she wonders who has been reaming her for the last few minutes.
I was windowing your mother last night. You should have seen the look on her face when she saw me outside the house! She'll be laughing about that for years to come.
by B. Jesseling June 12, 2008
The act of going to your crush's house removing all your clothes and then wiping your dick across a window preferably one where your crush can see you.
Tom: I was windowing Suzie last night when suddenly her dad came and I had to run away.
Paul: What the fuck is wrong with you?
by TroofPoof May 04, 2016
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