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A term used to describe "long saggy" tits.
How do you call yourself a cougar when your windsocks hang down to your waste.
by schuby021 December 08, 2010
A publication our of Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point. Demands human sacrifices.
The Windsock stole my soul, then told me about the return of Marine Attack Squadron 542!!
by DeFlap July 23, 2003
When you shove your forearm so far up a female deuce hole and you pull out bring her the lining of her rectum out with you
Dude I wind socked her so fucking hard, the lining of her rectum was flapping in the wind
by WindSocker March 04, 2006
when a fart causes a purple sock to wave uncontrollably in the air.
Nesto ate Taco Bell for lunch and had a huge case of the wind sock.
by jebus October 14, 2003