Used to describe negro women during slave days.
Contemporary meaning: Used to insult any woman, but mostly uneducated black women.
Look at dem hips. Them breasts look mighty fine. I think she make a good breedin'winch.
Shut the Hell up you stupid ebonics speaking winch!
by Joe January 01, 2005
Top Definition
To snog using tougue.
Boy: Hey there sexy wana winch?
Girl: Naw yer awryt.
Boy: Fine then bitch!
by huni buni November 13, 2005
Scottish ~

As in snogging
'Are ye winchin' her?'
by Kate-o January 05, 2004

Dating, courting.
Tam and Agnes have been winching for months.
by ScotsQuine April 03, 2011
another word for bitch.
"your just being a winch!"
by kickinbruce! December 31, 2007
The process of seducing a member of the opposite sex significantly younger than you, then realising that just because they're young, they aren't necessarily blind.
"That guy is totally pulling a winch"

"How can you tell?"
"He's got a beard. She's got a lunch box"
by hvxd November 13, 2010
The nickname of the small town in Massachusetts named Winchendon.
Where do you live? I live in the Winch dude!
by Cartman392 February 03, 2008

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