originally used as a normal word in phrases such as "we win the championship" "I will win this trophy" etc. But since the rise of online gaming, it has been used more and more out of context, and has developed into a nerd slang term.

Instead of using proper grammar, these geeks say "win" every time they see something funny or amusing. (See example).

I do not know how this is a "cool" word, but like I previously said, it's nerd lingo.
Nerd after watching a Naruto marathon: This show is win!!
by doggyboggyboi July 28, 2009
To say something is WIN is to say it is cool. Derived from the phrase ftw which is 'for the win'
Harry: "Hey man, you catch the game last night?"

Nick: "Yeah!! It was WIN!"
by nickqz October 10, 2009
When an action is done that is so mind boggling Win, one must stand off to the side, and give a round of applause. Most common when someone completes a task at over NINE THOOOOOOUUUSSSAAAAND!
Jack: Hey, I need you to hack the CIA.
Mila: Alright!


Mila: Well, I did it...
Jack: Good, good, what did you do to them?
Mila: I actually hacked the Chinese so they would think that the CIA hacked them. Thus causing a third world war.
Jack: You miss, are made of Win. I applaud you.
by Hellspam December 09, 2007
2 words

''Chuck Norris''
'' A round house kick doesn't just kill you, it wipes your whole existance from the space time continuem ''WIN''
by Slash /// January 08, 2009
An interjection, used when something excellent happens (usually sung in falsetto).
Dude, I just got the new Weakerthans CD. Win!
by Tasty August 29, 2003
In imageboard culture, nudity.
Cute pics of this girl but sadly no win. :(
by CharlieBerkins August 05, 2007
A radio station in the NYC area (1010 AM) that plays all news, all the time. Has recently celebrated its 40th anniversary.
You give us 22 minutes, and we'll give you the world.
by Omega Death May 08, 2005
in computer terms means to OWN, referencing humiliating defeat. oh, waa waa too bad, so sad
tard1) oh hey,(white boy) lets go put words (insert) here and there and make ourselves look KOOL

tard2) kk let's do it so we can WIN and be a-head of ourselves my pinky winky dinky
by Unsweetened LoVerr January 18, 2008

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