A wannabe cop from northeast Missouri with an appetite for deflowering girls 14 and under. Normally gets the type who once they start giving it up, they'll give it up to anyone!
I am going to call Williebear when my parents go to bed, he says he misses me and I think he really does because I am a sucker. I know when I have sex with him tomorrow, he will still want to be my friend, and won't have sex with any of my other late middle school/early high school friends.
by AKA Chester the Molester December 13, 2004
Top Definition
A straight up busta-nigga!
Best be hopin I ain't packin heat
by Original Gangsta Dogg December 20, 2004
A a horny weiner with a passion for law enforcement.
What do you get when you cross a pussy (or is it pussy cat) with a badge (or is it badger)? A WillieBear!
by BizzyBone December 16, 2004
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