The worst and most overrated comedian/actor in history, period. This guy is a no talent hack. He was FAR from being the best on SNL. Bill Murray, Steve Martin, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphy, Phil Hartman, Mike Myers, and etc... They MADE SNL, while SNL sadly made Will Ferrell.

Does the same annoying thing and plays pretty much the same role in every film. Yells all the time and tells the lamest jokes to 2 year olds, and shows off his nasty, sweaty, hairy and fat body. And nothing original about him.

I am just at awe with his moronic fans who are mostly young, dumb, and don't know what true talent is.
"Aahh woooo, look at me everyone, I'm Will Ferrell!! I'm in my skin tight shorts running around in circles while farting and drenching in sweat, while shaking my fat disgusting ass at you all, telling jokes to mentally disabled teens(not literally, but just idiots). This is TRUE comedy folks!!"
by BigTMoney March 13, 2008
Top Definition
Unbelievably hilarious comic who currently has the ability to say anything and make it funny.

Also famous for carrying the show Saturday Night Live on his back for several years.

Best skits include: Bad Doctor 1, Bad Doctor 2, Antibacterial Hamburger Helper commercial, Dissing Your Dog, Dog Show, George Bush, the H is O, Crossing Over, Morning Latte, Harry Carey, and of course Inside the Actors Studio with James Lipton.

Starred in the movie Old School.
Man, Will Ferrell is a comic genius!
by cock! balls! November 08, 2003
The type of comedian you either love or hate. I think he's pretty damn hilarious, but some people think he just yells all the time. Almost made Night at the Roxbury worth watching.
"You're my boy Blue!"
by whitemale_98 January 05, 2005
the curly-headed god of funny.known for his famous character,Ron Burgundy in Anchorman:The Legend of Ron Burgundy and his other crack-you-up movies Step Brothers,Talladega Nights,Elf,Old School,Blades of Glory,The Producers etc.
He's one of the creators of - the comedy video website.
Is that what you call hilarious?You should see Will Ferrell's movies then.

Anything thats got Will Ferrell in it will have me LOFL like fuck.

Champ:What in the hell's diversity?
Ron:Well,I could be wrong,but I believe diversity is an old,old wooden ship that was used during the civil war area

After Veronica realized she was being pranked on the phone:
Veronica: You know what?This is pathetic
Ron: You're pathetic (and hangs up)

by liquidquinn January 18, 2009
SNL member turned actor who is extremely funny as some characters, and just plain dumb with others as he just "over acts", and makes an ass out of him self. Funny around 75% of the time.
Will Ferrell was the most hated cast member his first season on SNL. <- true
by Oklahoma smells like shit June 19, 2004
the sexiest man alive, fuck johnny depp
i'd go gay for will ferrell
by jonathan April 24, 2005
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