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slang for being too lazy/rich to do normal male macho stuff such as changing your tyre on your car.
He did a Wiely and called the breakdown guy to fix his flat tyre.

First coined on puce.com
by Dr Nick January 11, 2004
13 86
sly, takes risks, a little bit crazy
Wild E. Coyote, Jess,
by Brew Boones May 09, 2005
312 92
sik mc from Bow, east london, creator of eski/eskimo music! Part of the roll deep crew, (jamaka b, danny weed etc....). Songs include, reason, igloo, eskimo, treddin' on thin ice....
formely mates with Dizzee Rascal and used to be signed to the same label (XL) before walking out after "Pies" didn't reach the top 40.
"Treddin on thin ice, im at the end of my tether i'll be like this forever" - Treddin on thin ice
"I know you hate me coz u think i write lyrics and i aim them at your crew, c'mon blud thats not true" - reason
by DJ Skippy November 26, 2004
231 140
Getting extremely wild.

One level higher than getting wild.

Can be used to describe a night of blackout drinking on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or any day you get wiley.
1) Im about to get wiley tonight!

2) Last night I got wiley and tore apart the bar.

3) Everyone at the Mifflin Street Block party in Madison got wiley.
by Bucky Bad May 04, 2010
69 40
word to describe sexy
by ihadnootherchoice January 27, 2009
67 42
Loyal, trustworthy, dependable, hard worker, somewhat busy and entertaining.
Wiley will always be there when you need him.
by wilythecoyote February 03, 2010
55 33
Ova heavy MC outta d roll deep crew, keep rolling deeper. get me.
'I'm gettin stronger bro, ur gettin weaker bro I come 4rom da gutta lay low'
by Tracy August 18, 2004
107 111
a beautiful girl who's ditzy and all the guys love her. will pretend to be your friend, but probably isn't.
girl 1: omg, wiley is so cool.
boy 1: ya, she's hot.
girl 2: well she was trash talking both of you.
by jesushatesme!! November 21, 2010
10 22