a damn good example of a homo erotic show.
he's in denial of his "gayness" just like the wildboyz.
by george w. bush April 25, 2005
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A kick-ass show that comes on MTV, its is f'ing funny. The characters: Steve-O and chris along with Manny and sometimes weeman. No one gives a fuck if they are gay, bitches. They do it for our entertainment so I could care less how fuck'd p they are. The show kicks ass.
Hey, chris, lets go fishing!.. with our penises!
by getajob May 18, 2005
Steve-O and Chris Pontius. They're fuckin hilarious and everyone knows it. If you say they aren't cool bitches then you're probably in denial and have a giant stick up your ass. And we can't forget about Manny.
The WildBoyz make having a turtle suck you off look like fun.
by pizzle April 02, 2005
two jackasses who are funny as shit becuase their dumb and gay...real life dumb and dumbers
Stev-o and chris are wild boyz.
by big t November 25, 2004
The homoerotic adventures of Steve-O and his boyfirend.
Steve-O flunked out of clown college.
by the show is still funny though April 25, 2005
New show on mtv that came after jackass its predecessor.

It focuses on stunts in nature.
wildboyz is one fucked up show
by ALKOHOL January 10, 2004
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