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A sometimes derogatory slang term for prison
Hey, Ricky, Julian, have fun in clown college
by Anonymous January 02, 2005
Training classes for bosses.
Where's the Big Dog today?
He's out of town at Clown College.
Great! He'll either be learning new ways to screw with us or we'll have to learn the new Buzzwords of the Month.
by Dr. Bubba September 04, 2011
A Special Ed class.
Retard: uhhh
Guy: he needs to get back to the clown college.
by clown college grad August 18, 2008
1. to be in bad standing

2. to be low in quality

3. to be unintelligent

4. to be juvenile in nature
1. i'm not partying at the silver fox anymore bro, that place is clown college.

2. man these seats are clown college, couldn't we have gotten closer to the ring?

3. yo that girl you were talking to last night was clown college, i hope you got her number.

4. yo don't invite mark to the party, every time i see that dude it's full on clown college and shit.
by mick_the_skin June 24, 2010
1) Any location where the wise cracking smart asses tend to gather, be it a house, a park, or any gathering place frequented regularly by a diverse crowd of usually late teen to late twenties coed youths.
Steve's house sure seems to be the new clown college.
by cunninglinguist April 25, 2005
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