The look, outline or shape of a girl's vulva as seen usually through thin clothing when they bend over, however it can also be a naked vulva, or upside down naked vulva when a girl bends over. Wilbur booty butt pussy Skipperjack
This word is usually used by an excited male seeing the Wilbur and calling out "Wiiiiillllbbbbuuuurrrr" as did the horse in the 1960's TV show Mr. Ed did with a whinnying horse sound. Or said like:"Wow, did you see that Wilbur?" Seeing a Wilbur can make a guy very excited and want to call out "Wilbur!" Going to places and events that might increase the chance of seeing a Wilbur is called "Wilburing" like at the beach or girls vollyball game.
by Poonie Pie October 14, 2011
Top Definition
Pretty much the greatest name ever. Adam's name wasn't really 'Adam', it was Wilbur
Means "Wild Boar" but usually refers to pigs with highly literate arachnid friends.

Is one with nature and talks with horses.

A guy that's funny and makes good friends,
Man, look at that dude with th' spider! He's such a Wilbur, dude!
by Ed Mo November 10, 2007
A delicious mixed drink consisting of Soco, cranberry grape juice, and Dr. Pepper.
"Man, you were so drunk last night."

"I know. I had 3 wilburs!"
by Darth Ackbar September 01, 2008
A "Wilbur" is when you go into a place of business, a store, or restaurant for the sole purpose of dropping a #2 and then leaving.
I stopped by a sports bar before the game and had to Wilbur.
by dtuck81 March 09, 2011
A very smart, handsome, amazing skilled person! Jack of all trades and he is just purely amazing.
The most popular person at my school is such a Wilbur!!
by ChingChongChangChing February 23, 2011
The name of the wildcat mascot of The University of Arizona. Without question, the greatest mascot in the history of American collegiate sports. He walks on two legs, wears a football/basketball jersey, sports a bitchin' cowboy hat and dual six-guns. Although he is an intimidating Wildcat, if he loses his hat he looks like a rabid bunny.
Arizona's Wilbur the Wildcat is vastly superior to ASU's weak mascot, Sparky.
by T Ryan August 05, 2011
A delicious mixed drink consisting of SoCo, cranberry grape juice, and Dr. Pepper.
"You were really drunk last night."

"Yeah, I know. I had 3 Wilburs!"
by Darth Ackbar August 25, 2008
A poser or a kook; someone who thinks they know it all, but really is clueless; a person who pretends to be something they are not; someone who adheres to the 'fake it 'till ya make it' mentality, but then never makes it; someone who carries a surfboard to pick up chicks at the beach, but can't actually surf; someone who tries to benefit from prestige or status associated with a stereotype without actually contributing to that stereotype; usually a lurp or lackey who thinks money and a stolen image can replace actual experience.
Wilbur: "Hey bebeh, I totally worked that tube like Kelly Slater. Did you see that cut I pulled on my boogie board, Duder?"

Chick: "Nuh-uh. But I really like your O'Neil wetsuit and your RonJon rash guard. And those three fins on your board are cute. You must 'boogie board' all the time. Do you use sex wax or wax-boy wax?"

Wilbur: "Uh... wax boy? Hey, you're kind of pretty - can I get your phone number?"

Real Surfer: "You aren't even wet yet. Get away from my Betty, freakin' butt-crumb Wilbur."
by PhattyD September 16, 2013
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