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The irrational fear of wikipedia. First brought on in the early to mid 2000's, wikiphobia was demonstrated within numerous high school and college campuses. Fueled by the initial distrust of web-based knowledge, wikiphobia led many innocent students to be robbed of basic yet precious insights into important works of literature, science, philosophy and the arts. Although Wikipedia is known to be an undeniably useful starting point for research in any area, wikiphobia is still a common mental illness. One day scientists will discover the cure for wikiphobia, we can only hope.
"Don't use wikipedia as a source for your paper! You will get an F!" - Teacher/ Professor

"Man, that damn Old Man River of a teacher must have wikiphobia!"
- "He needs help"
#mental disease #wikipedia #sexually transmitted disease #racism #sexism
by DJanks February 10, 2009
Being afraid of and/or hateful towards open-source projects.
1. Bill Gates is probably wikiphobic of Linux, because it will reduce his already substantial amount of money.

2. Wikiphobia is probably very prevalent amongst those in charge of producing encyclopedias.
#wiki #open #source #phobia #wikiphobia #wikipedia
by .Truth. March 18, 2006
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