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one who addicted to the constant looking up of facts, useless or not, on
I am such a wikipediac, i cannot stop researching facts on
by Sebastian Quintero June 16, 2007
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Someone who has a limited knowledge on a vast spectrum of
subjects, mainly obtained by hours of surfing Wikipedia.
This person usually retains only one or two key footnotes on
any particular subject, yet they consider themselves "smart".
Debbie: "Ughhhhh! Here comes Dave, the walking wikipediac.
I wonder what he's going to bore us with this time..."

Dave: "Did you know that state highway 143 near Salina, Ks
uses 3 different types of pavement in its 4.6 miles?"

Cherie: "Oh, Dave, you're such a wikipediac!"
by Whaaattt!!! November 23, 2011
someone who uses wikipedia as their number one source of information.
Guy 1:That book was so fake!
guy 2: I know! that writer is such a WIKiPEDIAC
by cortrogue October 10, 2007
A person who gets all or most of their information from wikipedia
Anna is such a wikipediac, she gave her speech of an article.
by Daniel R. February 22, 2007

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