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An internet game where you come up with two random and unrelated terms. You then try to link the first term to the second through the links in definitions from No going backwards!
Pencil Sharpener to Chocolate

Pencil Sharpener --> School --> North America --> United States of America --> FDA --> Food --> Legumes --> Beans --> Cocoa Beans --> Chocolate

"Wikilink is intense"

Wikilink came from achamber
by Another Waldo December 12, 2004
Verb: A word used to describe the act of linking to a Wikipedia article.

Noun: A link to a Wikipedia article.
Dude, when you get home, can you wiki-link me to tramp stamp?

Hey, which LJ entry did you post the wiki-link to the Hogwarts Staff?
#wikipedia #link #wiki #search #google #find #article
by utkari02 March 24, 2008
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