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When you discover an actor/artist and quickly go on wikipedia to wikicreep on them, learning about their childhood, their parents, grandparents, siblings, dog that died at age 14, first kiss, favorite color, size of shoe, how their best friend's uncle got them a job at the restaurant where a modeling agent discovered them...

At the end you feel like you know way too much and not enough about this complete stranger who has no idea who you are and that you now know about the time they got pants'd at that party in high school.
Person1: Jennifer Connelly is hot.

Person2: Yeah, you should see Requiem for a Dream.

Person1: (8 minutes later) I just wikicreeped the hell out of her...apparently Requiem is considered her breakout role. Did you know she has 3 kids? She grew up in Brooklyn. She also released a record in Japanese.


Person1: What're you doing?

Person2: Just wikicreeping on that brown kid from One Direction.
by G1ztheW1z October 22, 2012
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