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Wiki Ball is a game played on wikipedia. The goal is to get from one wikipedia entry to a totally unrelated entry using only the links on the page. It is a tricky game that requires thought and planning. The goal is to get from the starting page to the finishing page in the least amount of clicks possible.
I was playing wiki ball today and it only took me 9 clicks to get from the page for Jimmy Carter to the movie Iron Man
by crazylocoskier November 10, 2009
A computer game (invented at Seattle Academy) where one searches through wikipedia via quick links in order to go from a set search (point a) to a set finishing point (point b) without using the back button, ctrl+f function, URL or any other search methods. The game is perfect as a classtime distraction due to its educational appearance.
Hillary won't stop winning wikiball! She's a wiki-whore!
by Schnide November 02, 2007