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To send someone a link to a interesting article on a wiki or another such site with many interesting pages and many interconnecting links on those pages, so that they will be trapped in a maze of absorbing articles for hours on end.
Friend: Dammit, David Morgan-Mar posted a link to TV Tropes in today's webcomic's annotation and I spent the whole day reading useless trivia.
Me: You sir, have been wiki bombed.
by DblPrme December 27, 2009
The act of intentionally going on Wikipedia and putting false information about a topic, OR, completely destroying the article all together.
My friends and i were really bored late one night, so we had a wikibombing competition in our Ventrilo server.
by kent diezel June 09, 2008
Sending a link containing a Wikipedia article with lots of links that prevents the recipient from doing anything productive for an hour or so.
I was going to work on my thesis but then Jim wikibombed me
by ThymePuns September 10, 2008
Creating a Wikipedia article ostensibly to report about a narrow and perhaps unflattering topic, but really using it as a Google bomb, to make that topic show up near the top of related Google search results
"Clearly, when the article was first created in 2006, by someone calling themselves "Santorummm", it didn't just document Dan Savage's campaign against Rick Santorum. It was part of the campaign. Santorum wasn't just Google bombed. He was Wikibombed. And since Google affords such high rankings to Wikipedia articles, one played into the other." (The Register)
by D-J-T June 21, 2011
- Gingerale
- 230 yd wormburner
- side of pretzels
- christians cash
yo dude make me a wikibomb
by w-bomber August 05, 2008
1. a golf shot that is a 230 yard worm burner
2. golf shot that can only be hit correctly by one man
Christian and Angelo were on the range when they were betting on who could hit the best wikibomb
by wikibomber August 04, 2008
1. Recipe
- gingerale
- 230 yard worm burner
- side of pretzels
- christians money

2. a golf shot that only goes 4 feet off the ground and a max of 230 yards in distance
dude u just hit a wikibomb, u gonna have alot of work to try to get that on the green
by wiki-wiki August 12, 2008
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