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The feeling that you experience after someone walks in on you playing a game with the Wii's motion-sensing controller.
I felt very Wii-tarded after my wife walked in on me swordfighting with the Wiimote in my underwear.
by Voyager July 16, 2006
Adjective used to describe the name of Nintendo's fourth-generation game console, previously given the badass codename "Revolution."
Nintendo went bankrupt because they chose a wiitarded name for their latest game console.
by Sonobovich May 01, 2006

-adjective 1. characterized by wii-tardation: a wii-tarded child.

-adjective 2. characterized by the inability to wield two separate and completely different controllers to perform simple tasks in popular video game systems made by Nintendo.

¨Cnoun 3. (used with a plural verb) physically wii-tarded persons collectively (usually prec. by the): new schools for the wii-tarded.
Usage: I could tell by the way he held the controllers that boy was clearly Wii-tarded.

Common Usage: "Man that guy is so Wii-tarded, he can't even walk across the lake and attack something in Zelda."
by Hudd December 05, 2006
a person dedicated to playing the Nintendo Wii.
Hey Isiah, you coming over tomorrow?
No! Gotta go a play my Wii
Your so wii-tarded.
by Brittney Sade December 09, 2006