1. (Adj.) Lacking the ability to properly use a Nintendo Wii remote. 2. Wiitard (noun)A person that suffers from severe mental challenges while playing on a Nintendo Wii system.
Jake said he would not play Mariocart with me because I am Wiitarded.
I am a Wiitard and therefore to embarrassed to play Wii in front of others.
by p42 December 05, 2013
Smoking blunts and playing Wii.
Let's get wiitarded after work today.
by K. Rugg December 26, 2008
Lacking the eye-hand coordination to properly use a Wii controller, leading to a lot of frustrated arm-waving and inability to play even a simple game.
Dude, you just ran Mario off a cliff, what are you, Wii-tarded?
by JustBobS April 25, 2011
The look someone has when playing wii and one pretends to think of them without the remote, randomly wailing about in the middle off the living room, in a retarded manner
As we played golf I stood back and watched Charlotte take a swing, looking very wiitarded and a little con-fuddled.
by Jackthejew February 28, 2011
Someone who doesn't know anything there is to know about the wii.
"That guy just asked me how much the Wii is. He must be wiitarded."
by JimmyBobby December 02, 2007
someone who is mentally challenged as well as racist. We all know what retarted means. and i am sure most of you have seen the very asian racist Wii comercials, where the yellow skinned, pointy eyed japanease people say with a very obviously fake japanease accent "wii would like to play" while giving a stiff bow with hands folded in a very asian like way.

conrad: hey look i can speek mexican!!! "Taco burrito chihuahua gracias gracias!" duuurrrr
Jordan: conrad, you are Wii-tarded!
conrad: Look im asian! "Ching ching bing bing king kong sing song ring rong
ping pong tsiau mtsiau ntsiau mitsubishi honda toyota toshiba ding ding ding"
Jordan: Conrad, you are almost embarrasingly Wii-tarded
by A$hley Jacobs December 07, 2007
A condition where you are addicted to the Wii internet channel, and spend all day watching youtube videos and chatting to other wii users.
I was so wiitarded yesterday! i spend 5 hours straight watching youtube videos!
by Gwendolynne December 25, 2007
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