The controller used with the Nintendo Wii console.

Is able to sense motion on all three axis and can be expanded on with use of such wiimote add-ons as the analog nunchuk, the classic controller, and the wii zapper lightgun.

The wiimote also contains force feedback, a speaker, and 6kb of "non-volitile" memory.
The Wii Console comes with, Wii Sports, one wiimote, and one nunchuk attachment
by Action Steve October 22, 2006
Top Definition
The wireless, remote-control-style controller for the Nintendo Wii console (pronounciation: wee-moat)
It's my turn to play; pass me the wiimote!
by Kai C April 28, 2006
A projectile weapon produced by the Nintendo company. Used often to pierce the screen of high priced televisions.

Used by swinging in a fast motion and allowing the wiimote to slip or consciously letting go of it while aiming at your television.

*If you value your TV it is reccomended that you not have sweaty hands.
"Nooooo! My wiimote just flew through my tv!"
by wiizer January 11, 2007
Something you find embedded inside a $8000 plasma TV, after the viewer has purchased a Nintendo Wii.
The wiimote is the next generation of video game violence.
by Wm. Wallace the Freedom Fighter October 28, 2007
The controllers for the Wii
Wii + remote = Wiimote
James: OH FUCK!!!!!
David: What is it?
James: I put the fucking wii-mote through the TV
by Gioj4 August 18, 2008
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