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A woman who used to have a husband or partner, but now has an oversized four-year-old who can't drag himself away from the Nintendo Wii.
"Brad hasn't taken me out since he got Mario Galaxy."
"Forget about him Janet. Come party with me and the other wiidows!"
by gsv January 16, 2008

a woman who has lost her husband from death by Wii and has not remarried.
1. Stacy's husband had a massive heart attack while playing Wii Bowling and now she's a wiidow.

2. Tanya is now a wiidow after her husband tried repairing their Wii with a fork while it was still plugged in.

3. Jake was shot at the mall while fighting over the last Wii and has left his wife a wiidow.
by jerico1974 August 03, 2009
A woman who has been left alone by her husband’s recent acquisition of a Nintendo Wii.
She's been a Wii-dow since Christmas Day 2007.
by DiscoDove January 16, 2008

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