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What you have the next day after putting in a few hours of Wii.
I awoke to an unusual amout of soreness in my arm after a night of playing wii. Some people may call it Tennis elbow but i call it Wii Arm.
by Jeremy Severs June 07, 2007
This happens when you over-play the Nintendo Wii.

Your arm begins to ache, and somewhat burn slightly... Using your arm for any kind of quick movements, or outstretching of the arm generates pain.
You get Wii-arm by playing WiiSports for 14 hours non-stop - Then trying to play Baseball, and finding out that you hit the floor in pain when you swing.
by Sam Rees December 27, 2006
A serious pysical affliction developed after playing too much Wii.
I need more Bengay, playing Wii-baseball gave me serious Wii Arm
by MyHeadHurts October 14, 2007
when you've played nintendo wii so much that your arm is sore
Yesterday, I played Wii Sports for so long; I got Wii arm today.
by Emily C June 28, 2007
Pronunciation: ‘wE ‘ärm
Function: noun
Etymology: Modern English.

1 : arm and shoulder strain suffered by a new user of Nintendo’s Wii video game system, caused by the multiple and sudden arm movements required to play games on the Wii.
I have serious Wii-arm.
by Robbie L April 29, 2007
A sore arm, usually developed after one's first time playing wii or masturbating. Only occurs in the dominant arm.
"Wow, my right arm's really sore, must have wii arm"
"were you playing tennis?"
"nope, masturbating"
by sethsupreme January 02, 2012
When someone has one arm that is built up a lot more than another arm, most of the time their dominant arm, from playing the wii.

sort of like a trucker's tan.
After several hours of playing the wii, I now have a wii arm.

Did you see Stephens wii arm? He can lift, like, 115 lbs. with it now! But its really awkward cuz his other arm is totally useless.
by thatpersonwiththeface. January 14, 2011
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