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1. A surname, albeit rare, originating from the English town of Wigton, Cumberland. If said fast or casually it is often hard to spell via pronunciation.

2. A town in Wigton, Cumberland, England. It is a thriving, bustling market town.
Example one:

Secretary: Can I get your last name?
Guy: It's wigton.
Secretary: OK Wingtown, is that it?
Guy: Uh, it's wigton...
Secretary: Spell it for me?
Guy: W-I-G-T-O-N. Is that it!?
Secretary: W... I... N...G...T...O...N... Ok! Here you go wington! Come back later! *closes window*

Example 2:
Get off yer arse and go to the weekly auction, loving wife.
by Toontaco August 11, 2013
Somone who annoys another human to the point of considering a mass genocide against a race followed closly by death by koala
Guy 1: Dude what happened last night

Guy 2: My God, That guy was such a wigton that i was considering reenacting the holocost
by ?@@@$5234 April 12, 2008
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