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(wig-it) Stands for "What is going on tonight" or "What is going on today" or "What is going on tomorrow"
Has been trademarked by Wigot, Inc. a Delaware corporation. Is a website and mobile app providing "wigot" - local food, drink and music happenings.
What should we do tonight? I don't know, did you wigot it?
by wigot April 23, 2013
Short for "Windows Bigot", someone who only looks at the computer world through his or her experience with Microsoft Windows, and is prejudiced against any other operating system technology.
That guy Cory hates Linux and Mac OS X without ever really even trying them, he's a wigot who still prefers Windows XP.
by sketchcrayon February 15, 2010
A white bigot, a extremely racist and bigoted white person, a white person that normal white people don't consider white, so they call them Wigots. It's kinda like how some black people don't consider the thugs and the "gangstas" as black so they call them "Niggas" (or even Niggers, depending on the person).

These are usually the ones playing the victim card and spouting things like "You can only be free in America if you're not white, southern, a gun owner or Christian" then turn around and say racist things towards blacks, Asians, etc and wonder why no takes them seriously or likes them.
Jim Bob, "People are so racist against white people these days, it's all a conspiracy"

Sam, "We're not racist against white people, we're racist against wigots"
by Decat Island September 17, 2015

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