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The most outstandingly drunk person at the party. Also know as "that guy."
Dude, that kid drank a handle of Jack Daniels. He is definitely the wigmo tonight.
by chiefhockey10 August 11, 2009
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A hibread of wiggers and emo's. A guy who wears black jeans with a chain, a black wife beater, a black hat tilted slightly to the side with a emo flip underneath and lets not forget self arrogance.
"hey look at that wigger over there... or is it a emo kid... no no it's a wigmo."
by dmobred May 21, 2008
when wiggers and emos become one, or hang out, or something like that
- ahhhh!
- wtf?
- i just saw some fucking wigmos
by May 11, 2005

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