Wicked + Tight = Wight
Also, ticked, but wight works better.
Damn, yo, that shit's wight.
by EDawgus May 24, 2004
Top Definition
A wight is a incorporal undead beeing that drains the essence of living beings to stay alive. Wights are usualy controled by someone or thing of highter power such as a necromancer.
Watch out for the wight, or it will kill you
by Mastikator November 04, 2004
Olde Nordic word meaning Spirit.
Thor: "All wights come to me."
by hades' lady February 05, 2010
White as Night
alternative to Wigger
Ryan is white as night! He's WIGHT!
by myspacecom/RyanSorel June 11, 2008
Taken from the title character of Homestar Runner.com, "wight" is the pronunciation of "right" derrived from Homestar's speech impediment causing him to pronounce his R's as W's.
"Wight, wight"
"Ohhhhhhh, wight"
by A Discount Brick February 10, 2005
a common phase used by ginger people, usually fat with problems of there voice. it has recently been discovered as a acknowledgement of awareness that there freinds are around as we would say heya or hello
wight greeny, wants some sweets?
by me me me me me me me July 12, 2006

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