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The act of shaking then plunging one object within another; usually a penis into a vagina.
Tonight, Steve is going to wiggle-dunk his dick into Theresa
by MacGyver1138 August 10, 2006
transitive verb; to place one's genitals on the forehead, preferably the eyes, of another person. It is commonly regarded as therapeutic in nature due to the obvious tenderness needed for performing such a feat, however, it can be used as an insult regarding the placing of genitalia on someone's parent's, friend's, or their own forehead. It can also be used to point out over-amorous people in public.
Example 1 (positive)

A: "Ah we had such a good night last night".
B: "What'd you do?"
A: "We wiggledunked each other and it was oh so relaxing".
B: "What is wiggledunking"?
A: "Only the best way to wind down after a tough week. You just nuzzle up your honey and tell him or her to relax, the fun is about to begin. Then you place your junk on their eyes. Instant calmness. Works every time".
B: "That does sound delightful".
A: "It is my friend, it is".

Example 2 (insult)

"Oh yeah, I'm an asshole, huh? Well I wiggledunked your mom last night while you were sleeping with your banky you bastard".

Example 3

"Look at them. They're all over each other. They might as well be wiggledunking".
by Pa-Paul February 09, 2010

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