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to get shot in the head in a video game (cs). Sometimes referred to as dinked, gooshed, or headshotted.
O s*** son, you got wigged!
by Cole April 08, 2005
to be freaked out or suddenly scared
oh man you wigged me out
yah i deffinetely gave you the wiggens
by X-Tine March 11, 2005
From the language of the fabled Cox's;
meaning drunk beyond belief; incoherant
Last night, I got wigged!
by James Malko July 22, 2004
couldn't handle it so they break down, let out
She wigged and told a couple of friends.
by pippa January 04, 2005
pronounced the same as wicked, except with a pair of "g"'s in the place of "ck"

Wigg - ed

Meaning: Very cool, sik, gnarly, top stuff
BJ: Yo will that drift u pulled was wigged
by Beej December 17, 2004