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the thieves' cant of a bunch of wiggers who have invent their own pseudo-rapper dialect just to mimic that of the real black rappers they worship and emulate but don't really relate to because they are obviously punk-ass white dorks from suburbia. You often hear about these same milky-skinned wannabes getting knifed and robbed after dark while trying to buy drugs in the wrong sections of town.

They often rap about their misadventures and stupidity as if it were "kool" if they survive it and/or get out of the hospital.
white bread: "dunna gunna make yo my bi-osh... I gotta busta cap in yo mamma...!"

twinkie: "dubba dubba... homeboy!"

observer: "What?!!"

translator: "It's either wiggebonics... or a brain defect."
by Doc Awesome6 November 25, 2010
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