wifty can be another word for beast, sick, wicked and other words meaning cool or awesome things. it can also stand for White Inbred Fucking Tipsy Yaks. you can come up with something else that it stands for as long as the word yak or yaks is involved, (normally, actually forcibly as the last word)
"Hey dude, i just the most wifty thing EVER!"

"hey you guys, there's a wifty outside!"
by lordhiseman May 11, 2009
Top Definition
Adjective, origin unknown. Flaky, space-cadet, but in a *nice* way. Not generally used outside the Philadelphia PA region.
That wifty chick went out on her lunch hour and bought roses, but forgot to cash her paycheck!
by Sharon Ann September 10, 2005
extremely cool or, in a gaming context, extremely powerful and cool
Wow! That new magical weapon is wifty.
He's been playing forever, he's seriously wifty.
by JosiBird October 30, 2006
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