A fucking greedy bitch who steals people's money.
Because she is a widow, Mrs. C. wants us to give her money.
by Anonymous September 22, 2003
Top Definition
A woman who was married to a man for so long that he died of it.
Susan is a widow.
How come?
Her husband suffered the slow death of marriage.
by Van Jari August 10, 2009
short for White Widow, having to do with Alaskan White Buds grown in central / and Northern Alaska. An extreamly potent strand of marijauna. Solid white nugs in appearance. Los Angeles Street Value that of Northern lights at 25 dollars a gram. Extreme Hallucinagenic properties.
Dat Nigga been hittin' dat widow all day long, dat nigga been baked, pass dat shit homie.
by Ryan Jay August 11, 2004
A girl who is frequently neglected by her boyfriend becuase of any given extracurricular activity of his.
Rock Widow: Girl whose boyfriend never spends time with her becuase he is with his band
Frat Widow: Girl whose boyfriend is always at his frat house
Weed Widow: Girl whose BF spends 90% of his life smoking weed
Track Widow: Girl whose BF trains for track constantly
Pre-Med Widow: Girl whose BF is premed and therefore always studying
Cock Widow: Girl whose BF is secretly gay and gettin' cock
Susie: Bryan can't go to prom with me. He's gonna be in Baja for a surf competition.
Betsie: Hah, Surf Widow! Sucks for you.

Adrianne: Hey, where is my goddamn boyfriend?
Christie: I'm sorry to tell you, but I believe you've become a Coke Widow. He's doing lines in the bathroom.

Simply insert the offending activity into "-widow".
by WestCoastLisa February 17, 2006
An interesting strain of weed started in Spring, TX by an anonymous grower. Very odd buds, they actually look almost like leaves. Believed to be a cross between White Widow and Blue Widow
Guy1: Hey dude, pass me some of that Widow
Guy2:Dontcha mean "WHITE" widow?
Guy2:Nah, my dealer hooked me up
by Rostra Maximus August 02, 2010
What house-wives become when their husbands get a job using Windows ME. See Widows ME.
Widows ME update: 4th husband dead!
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 08, 2003
a member of a "click", "gang", etc. who is unknown to the public and law.
we couldn't find a clue to link us to a "perp" so he's a widow.
by BigboiNick November 01, 2006
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