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Southern expression popularised by Jeff Foxworthy.
"You didn't bring yoiur truck widja didja?
by Cornfucker January 25, 2004
13 1
interrogative. a question; inquisition meaning "With you, did you" in Redneck.
"Hey, you deedn't bring yer truck widjadidja?"
by Calder December 01, 2003
35 5
Redneck slang that combines many words to ease the complexity of a sentence so that small minds are able to understand what is being said.
Hey Jed, you did'nt bring your mama widjadidja?
by a.w. April 29, 2004
12 8
slang term for the two idealistic white man words would you and did you...
Hey widja or didja bring the crack.
by no your name May 14, 2004
1 10