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An extream jucket who is a self absorbed "Farm Boy" exclusively to the Pittsa-demoranville-chase heritage. Someone who speaks fluient bubblish and is found most times at the "V".
"Hey Bub", you "wicked Jucket" "You goin down the Hemlocks boy"?, osa, osa, osa!.
by Jucket king April 13, 2008
"The Wicked Juckets" A Rock and Roll band circa 2000 A.D., made up of Lakevillian Juckets; T.M., R. G., C.C., T.G. The Wicked Juckets preformed at venues such as Bridge Street Station, Fairhaven, MA and New Wave Cafe, New Bedford, MA
Yesha boy, wets go downoo Wonnie's basement and wisten to da Wicked Juckets!
by wicked jucket December 21, 2008
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