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Verb - to be watchful of something (such as money, water, energy, electricity, fuel, food, or any precious resource) so it does not go to waste.

Used in reference to a resource that is costly, but that many people have bad habits leading to the use of more than is necessary.
I am turning off the engine while waiting to wibby the gasoline in the car.

Turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth is a way of wibbying water.

I wibbied the battery power by keeping my cell phone turned off in the mountains.

One way to wibby your money is to keep your air conditioner off while on vacation.

Instead of wasting it, we wibby it.
by Bed time May 01, 2010
the model citizen in society, a male person who is almost always admired and adored by all, his sense of neighbourliness is only furthered by his well mannered character and his appetizing appearance. Among his most fervant admirers are women looking to copulate for the purpose of enriching their lineage by breeding from the greatly stronger pedigree of the wibby.
A daughter brings home her new boyfriend to meet her parents:

daughter: mum, dad, this is joel
mum and dad (together): joel, nice to meet you...
After a short conversation, the parents look to each other and say (in front of Joel): Well, your no wibby, but we guess you'll do
by Samantha Grey July 17, 2006
The rather odd looking creature, who is incredibly spotty and in some cases can be argued to look like the son of Spock. A "Wibby" can usually be found lurking unwelcomed on an IRC network, usually boasting about the size of his network, amount of friends, and his girlfriend, almost certainly to make up for his lack of "size" in other areas. Useful only briefly as entertainment, however becomes a complete nuisance very quickly.
/kline wibby
by DeMoNeTTe June 02, 2004
a digital wizard

someone who comes up with answers to problems with computers
once again wibby solved the flipside database problems
by doggybag August 14, 2004
Welcome back. From "wb" in internet chat rooms.
somerandomuser: AFK. BRB.

somerandomuser: Back!

someotheruser: Wibbies!
by Nonmouse July 23, 2009
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