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Derived from (wrm) = Worm - and (hu) = Human, the whurm is a timid yet facinating creature. When on the guitar his true character shines through in violent metal head banging. The whurm enjoys nazi activity, and is usually found also in German shrubbery
Yo biatch, show me the mu'fuckin' whurm...

Dude, he's under that shrubbery/rockery
by Jordan Klein February 12, 2004
Small worm-like being, often found under rocks, in dark areas, or in schools. Often refered to as "whurmys" the whurm usually plays guitar and hides his orange worm colouring with black hair dye.
Little is known about this specimin and sightings are rare. Therefore it is not possible to give a well known example of the "whurm"
by David Attenborough February 11, 2004

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