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whoreknob, (HAWR-nob, HOHR-), derived from doorknob, (n.):

1. A slang term for a bun and any other updo that creates a roughly spherical knob-like shape. Used pejoratively; generally by those who disapprove of updos.

2. A given nickname for anyone sporting such a hairstyle. Also used pejoratively.
1. "Get rid of that whoreknob and leave your hair down!"

Guy: "See that chick over there?"
Other Guy: "Who, the blonde?"
Guy: "No no no, the one with that giant whoreknob."

2. Guy: "Hey, whoreknob!"
Girl: "Stop it!"
Guy: "No."
#updo #ponytail #hair #hairstyle #knob #fugly #doorknob
by XtrmWgr123 January 02, 2013
An overused phallic device of questionable hygiene.

Any doorknob at any gas station restroom outside of Waco.
Don't try to borrow any socks from Sally. She keeps a well-worn whoreknob in her top drawer.

Damn, she turned that stick shift into a whoreknob!

Listen to your mother and use a tissue when you have to touch that whoreknob.
#whorenob #hoknob #whore knob #hobnob #horenob
by Cap'n & Admiral Fisterbottom September 01, 2009
1.a particularly slutty man/woman who engages in sexual activites on a consistant basis with numerous, random partners

2.constantly open to the public for sexual endeavors horn-dog thing to call your friends
"Can you believe that Michelle got with Sam last night, and then got with Colin like an hour later!?!"

"Yes, because Michelle is such a whore-knob."
#whore #knob #slut #horndog #sex
by Doc Mawlz January 07, 2008
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