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Someone who will happily pay all the money they can for meaningless sex from random sluts.
Gabriel is such a whorehound, he'd rather pay for meaningless sex than get fucked for free from someone who loves him!
by Madame Chaotica August 05, 2008
A male that persues a hussy, or a woman lacking sexual morals. A prostitue hunter, looking for women who are unattractive and can be beaten.
your father concieved you sometime during his whorehound days.
by Tattoed Joe August 11, 2008
A man that sleeps around or a seasoning in food.
Did you talk to bj yesterday? No, he's to much of a WhoreHound.
by JTK2011 April 16, 2011
a dog that can seek out prostitutes
I got myself a whorehound for a pet yesterday. He has tracked down 15 so far.
by whatisthisshite March 11, 2015
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